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With Fiction as a focus, I've been creating stories over a decade, with two of my short stories finding homes in literary journals.

'Like Normal Houses' - Broadside Spring 2021, Volume XL

'The Fountain on Main Street' - Loomings, Issue 2 (TBD)

'The Challenge' - YA Horror 

'Master's Lessons' - Fantasy Revenge Tale

'That Inevitable Fall' - Nonfiction Memoir

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Game Design Documents, Rule Books, and Spreadsheets for keeping track of assets; it's all a vital part of what I do.

'Audio Backlog & Ideation' - Core Document from work as Audio Lead on A Cog in the Cosmic Machine

'Gotta Hand IT to Ya'!' - Card Game Rulesheet - Card Printouts (6 Pages) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

'Victim!' - Dice Game Rulesheet - Box Printout

'Voice Acting Lines' - Audio/Narrative Document from work on A Cog in the Cosmic Machine - Asynchronous Guide



From interest and experience as a Game Master and a Player in various TTRPG systems, I've made my own content and implemented at my own table.

Most of my experience is in D&D 5e, but Lancer content is coming soon!

Void Feats - Custom Setting Feats for D&D 5e (45 Total)

Void Spells - Custom Setting Spells for D&D 5e (132 Total)

'Runic Lore' - Warforged D&D 5e Race Customizations

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